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Our promise to ourselves, the earth, and generations to come.

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First, do no harm.

Most of us know the saying from doctors taking the Hippocratic oath. Unfortunately, no similar oath exists in the food industry. A century of damage to the system has taken its toll — on our food, our health, and Mother Earth herself. While we at Daily Harvest believe in a world well-fed... today, it isn’t. We have to actively work to undo the damage of the past while creating a new system that can nourish humanity and do no harm.

We know we can do better than the generations that came before us. Frankly, we have to. We haven’t found any great examples to follow, so we wrote our own rule book.

Fruits + vegetables are where it’s at.

If we all ate more fruit + vegetables daily, we’d be winning at life. So would the planet. And the more variety we eat, the better. Simple.

All of our food is built on fruits + vegetables, the foundation of a healthier life. By farm-freezing colorful and diverse varieties, we take the extra step to guarantee biodiversity and just-picked nutrition. Plus, we make nourishing produce accessible by shipping to your door all year round.

Pack in, pack out.

Growing all of these fruits + vegetables takes its toll too. Whatever we take from the soil and the labor required to nourish humanity must be given back. Regenerative farming can reverse the damage we have done to the planet and ensure fertile land for our future. 

Fair, equitable labor and transitioning our farms to regenerative agriculture are first on our list, not last. Regenerative farming actively reverses climate change. Fair and equitable labor is... the only way.

Organic as past and future.

Not all plants are created equal. Before we depleted our soil to feed an exploding agrarian population, we didn’t need pesticides and fertilizers. Then they became the norm. And, welp, now our health and planet are paying the price. Oops. We have to go back to move forward. 

Nearly all of our ingredients are organic, and the rest we transition from conventional to create more organic supply. It’s well worth the three-year investment.

Waste not.

And all of these precious plants that are going to save the world... let’s not waste them, okay? In fact, let’s use them to shrink the waste stream and even let them play a role in replenishing the soil from which they grew. 

Our packaging is highly recyclable, most is even home compostable (more composting to come!), and we are committed to erasing our footprint. Farm-frozen has a role to play here too — it reduces food waste by 47%!

Sound idealistic? Well, maybe we are. We didn’t break the system, but our only future is built on something new. Something that shows regard for future generations (Re:Generation). You with us? We are on a mission to take care of food so food can take care of you.